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February 14th, 2011: Chapter 5, page 20
Happy Valentine's Day! Cailym finally gets to go off to see Amanda, which I suppose is kind of fitting.

I would've drawn an additional sappy A/C pic to link here for the occasion, but I got kind of caught up in drawing a girl with a gun. >.>

February 21st: No comic today. I'm really sorry about breaking the post-hiatus update streak after only two comics :/ I was away for most of Fri-Sun and then on Monday, I did actually have the day off, but decided a Fringe marathon was a better way of relaxing than drawing a full page in one day. Oops. #iammadeoffail

Previous update:

February 7, 2011: Chapter 5, page 19
Cailym, by this point, feels like he has been in the stupid green interrogation room for months, and is getting increasingly fed-up. I can't say I blame him. >.>