Running on Adrenaline

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Author's comments:

...I think it's time to share the script again, so you actually understand what's going on in the first panels here. Bad comic artist, bad. Anyway, here we go:

It's dark outside, and mostly dark in Amanda's room as well. The only light is the glare coming from her computer screen. [I didn't see the point of this, in the end, and changed it to normal lights-on lighting. :P] Amanda is sitting at the computer, typing and clicking away.

Occasionally, she gets up and paces about the room, then continues her work. She's obviously growing frustrated as time passes. Eventually, she goes to bed. Just after she's fallen asleep, her cellphone starts ringing.

Keep in mind I work from a movie screenplay type script, not a typical comic script one. I actually work from a hardcopy that's covered in marks and notes in various coloured pens and highlighter markers to indicate panels, which dialogue goes where, etc. :P

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