Running on Adrenaline

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Author's comments:

New chapter! Who gets defenestrated, why, and by whom? You'll have to read this new chapter up to about page 10 to find out. :P

This is actually going up shortly before it's Monday, so you have a couple more hours to send in your entry for the contest! Go back two pages to see the details :)

Okay, the contest is closed, now. I did get two entries, in the end. Sers Senric sent in a few different suggestions: Frankford, Kapon, Kissa, Bast, or Felix. pluisje suggested Nibbler, as a Futurama reference.

I've considered all suggested names for a while, and decided that Futurama is a type of show that Amanda would probably like, and so the winning name is... Nibbler!

Thanks to the participants for entering the contest, and congratulations to pluisje for picking the winning name! You'll receive your sketch soon :)

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