Running on Adrenaline

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Author's comments:

Sooo the detective guy has no legs in the first panel. I actually have no idea if you're supposed to be able to see them from this angle, or if they'd be completely obscured by the desk. I thought that you'd see them, but no matter how I tried to sketch them in, it just looked really weird, so I left them out in the end. Actually, I think the perspective in that panel is probably way off.

Also, there's a two month hiatus between the sketches for the first three panels and the last big one at the bottom. I think you just miiiight be able to see a slight difference in the art. >.> If you compare the first and last panel, especially, it seems as though I suddenly learned something about perspective and foreshortening along the way. (Though it's still nowhere near perfect. Always room for improvement.) It is weird, because I have been sketching a bit during the hiatus, but that was more focusing on anatomy, hands, expressions etc. I didn't attempt a single perspective shot during those entire two months, so I have no idea where that came from. O.o

I spent a full 45 minutes on the hair for this page, but I think it was worth it, in the end. Go here for a close-up of its shiny awesomeness.

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StevyGee (mail) (website)
wrote on December 26, 2010, 1:15 am:
I think the perspective in that last panel works really well! It's funny how you can sometimes improve without actually practicing, i've noticed that too... Maybe just by looking at things? Anyway, you are really getting better at this!
Laura (mail) (website)
wrote on December 26, 2010, 1:26 am:
Thanks! I did occasionally glance over at a table that was standing at a similar angle from where I was sitting, but I didn't use any vanishing points or anything. Learnt about those in high school, once, and completely forgot how to use them right after. ;)

Merry Christmas!