Running on Adrenaline

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So here's the reason RoA had to go on hiatus for some time: we had to wait for the DNA test results to get back, which in the real world, actually takes time. Wait, except that in comic time, only a couple of hours have passed. CSI style ultra speedy test results it is, then. Sorry.

In other, school-related news, my first semester is now over and I have passed all six courses. Yay! :D I also moved on-campus somewhere along the line. Let's see if we can get weekly updates going again, eh? Now the final thing I need to fix is getting a side job, which will probably not be helpful to the update rate, but does mean I get to eat and stuff, which seems like a plus.

Just one more page after this and then we finally get out of the dusky green setting. Let's see if I still remember how to draw Amanda after all this time, shall we?

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