Frequently asked questions

How do you create your comic?
I sketch, ink and colour everything in openCanvas 4.5 Plus, using a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet totally a Cintiq now. Cintiqs are awesome. You should get one. Even if it means not eating for a month. [/end impromptu unpaid advertisement] The only exception is backgrounds, which I do in oC most of the time but very occasionally switch to ArtWeaver for. I then add text, balloons and special effects if necessary, in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Which font do you use for the comic?
One that I created myself! Try it, it's fun :)

Is it okay if I do fanart based on your comic?
Of course! I'd love to see it :)

You totally stole your comic idea from Heroes/X-Men/The 4400/Twilight/.... !
Okay, first, that's not a question. Second, the fact that you can name a gazillion different movies/comics/books etc. pretty much proves that it's more like a genre than a specific someone's idea, doesn't it? Third, for what it's worth, I originally came up with the idea for RoA before I ever read/saw any of the above.

Oh, and fourth -- Maquinae don't sparkle. Ever.

How do I get Rachel's hair?
I suggest bleaching the hell out of your hair (and not holding me responsible for it falling out or breaking off, please); then use a white toner to get your bangs from light blonde to white and do a few streaks alongside your face with this as well. For the rest of your hair... I've never had Rach's exact shade myself, but I suspect 1 part Special FX Pimpin' Purple to 2 parts Special FX Wildflower would get you there.

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